Skincare isn’t just a routine; it also became one of the top social media trends, so people get confused about all this information they’re supposed to know and routines they’re expected to follow, which causes them to commit many skincare mistakes. Toya will let you know these mistakes to avoid in your daily skincare routine.

Here’re the top 10 Skincare mistakes to avoid:

1- Using Bar Soap as a face wash:

Traditional soaps aren’t good for our skin, even if they’re not cheap and have a good smell.

But why are they harmful to your skin?

  • Bar soaps are scented and dyed, which causes redness & itching.
  • It doesn’t contain moisturizing ingredients, so it immediately dries your skin.
  • It strips your face from all its water.

What to use instead?

Cleansers are the best option as they maintain skin natural oil and moisturize your skin, and most of them don’t contain dye or smell, but you should also check the cleanser’s ingredients and find these components:

  • Salicylic acid: it gently exfoliates dead skin to prevent clogged pores.
  • Glycerin: To slow down skin aging and hydrate the skin.
  • Resorcinol: To prevent and treat acne.

We recommend Toya cleanser that contains salicylic acid, glycerin, resorcinol, and menthol to clean your skin & moisturize it naturally.

2- Sleeping with makeup on.

3- Over Exfoliating.

You shouldn’t make a habit of sleeping with makeup because it can cause long-lasting damage to your skin. But, What does sleeping with makeup on do to your skin?

  • It causes premature aging and collagen degradation.
  • It traps dirt and pollutants inside the skin.
  • Mascara and eye makeup may cause harmful pathogens, resulting in infections.

To prevent these from happening to your skin, you should simply follow a night routine that includes removing makeup with Toya cleanser and applying an eye cream to treat dark circles that may result from mascara and kajal.

We recommend using an eye cream with collagen and vitamin E & C to treat darkness and prevent from wrinkles.

Toya eye cream for dark circles with collagen & vitamin c, will heal dark circles and leave your skin feeling soft & hydrated.

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing! Although exfoliation is good for our skin & it removes dead skin, it may also be harmful when we do it more than our skin needs.

You can exfoliate your skin once a week, preferably on weekends, to avoid sun exposure, using a gentle scrub that doesn’t contain sugar or other harsh components.


4- Applying skincare products in the wrong order.

Skincare routine means you’re using more than one product, so you should know the correct order to get the best results of your routine.

Definitely, the first step of your routine is using the cleanser; after it, you’ll start from light to heavy products; so you’ll apply the toner or serum, then follow with your favorite under-eye cream & face moisturizer & finally your sunscreen if you’re heading out in the morning.

5- Not drinking enough water.

According to a published scientific study in dove press about how water affects skin hydration, people who started to drink a good amount of water after being dehydrated that water had a positive effect on their skin.

So, lack of water can cause the skin to lose its glow & elasticity, which leads to dryness and premature aging. It also affects your nails by making them brittle & fragile.

*Don’t wait until you’re thirsty; you should drink water to prevent being thirsty and dehydrated. 

6- Acne & Pimple Popping

If you think popping pimples will make it heal faster, you’re committing a big mistake that will simply harm your skin and leave scars that will never heal & also, by popping them, you’re increasing the risk of being infected because of the bacteria on your hands.

When you find a pimple on your face, you should apply a suitable treatment on it with clean hands; we recommend Toya Acne Lotion with Therapeutic Silver Granules & Salicylic acid. It treats redness, irritations & acne scars, even those that happened due to pimple popping.

7- Not Changing Pillowcase Regularly. 

Because oils and dirt build up on our hair & scalp, all dirt & bacteria will build up on the pillowcase, which touches our face every night and causes acne.

Toya advises you to change your pillowcase every two days, and if you sleep with a cream or oil on your hair, wear a satin bonnet not to let the oil build up on your pillowcase, and so touch your face.

8- Kitchen-made/DIY Skin Care.

Natural components are the best for our skin, but each amount should be measured under

dermatologists’ supervision to know exactly the amount our skin needs of each element, and some ingredients shouldn’t be put raw on our face like Turmeric, Sugar, Lemon, Mint, etc. 

All the previous ingredients may irritate your skin and cause a darker skin tone, so be careful about what you’re applying to your face.


9- Touching your face too much.

We all have the habit of touching our faces frequently, whether if we rub our eyes or rest our chains in our hands. touching our face may cause acne that results from the germs we touch on objects throughout the day.

How to stop yourself from touching your face? 

-Try not to rest your elbows on the table while working on the laptop. Instead, you can hold something in your hand.

-Always think about the germs & bacteria on the objects you touch, but never overdo that.


10- Overwashing oily skin.

People with oily skin think they’ll have clear skin by washing their face more than twice a day. Still, unfortunately, overwashing skin causes more oily skin because you strip the oils your skin needs to protect it from bacteria, so it produces more oils naturally.

Washing your face twice a day is more than enough to have clear & healthy skin.

Bottom line:

  • Skincare routine is not about using too many products; It just means you’re careful about what you’re applying to your face and what you don’t.
  • Bad habits like pimple popping & not drinking enough water are breakable, and you’ll see the effect on your skin when you stop them.
  • Choosing suitable products for your face needs a little effort, but when you find them, don’t overuse them.
  • Feel free to Ask Toya about anything concerning the skincare routine, and one of our specialized dermatologists will answer all your questions.

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