Because we understand your need to prepare – your skin – your most significant look at your wedding and honeymoon, we have organized a plan for you to achieve healthy skin. That allows you to go without makeup with confidence, and at the same time, to be the perfect basis for flawless makeup on your special day.

The pressure of the preparations for the wedding makes you forget to eat, but you lose weight thanks to it. However, you gain some skin problems such as dark circles, hands and face discoloration due to sunlight exposure, pimples above and below the skin, dryness, and dullness. That’s why our first advice is to Take It Easy, because what will happen if you don’t furnish the entire house? Literally nothing, you can still shop the kitchens supplies after your honeymoon! Instead of rushing time to get things done that you don’t have to get right now, use this time to pamper yourself, your hair, your body, and your skin; that’s why we’ve collected 10 golden rules for a healthy bride’s skin!

If the wedding preparations are a war; An effective routine is your way to survive, to deliver your skin to its best condition on the most important day of your life with Toya’s tips!

1- Quench Your Skin’s Thirst

In the morning, in the evening, and throughout the day, because the skin thirst is real and appears clearly in the dryness of the skin, which not only affects the face in terms of freshness but on the whole body and appears in the form of dry patches on the skin due to the lack of skin elasticity because water constitutes from 50% to 70% of the skin Bodyweight. So it’s normal for the amount of water to be drunk per day not less than 3 liters (8 glasses). 

2- Sleep At Least 8 Hours A Day

Although sleeping is one of life’s pleasures, insomnia may be expected during this period, as well as the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, so you must take care of the most delicate area of ​​your skin by sleeping enough hours a day and moisturizing it daily using Toya cream for treating dark circles and the puffiness around the eyes, as it’s empowered with a mixture of natural oils such as almond oil, shea butter, with vitamin C and vitamin E in addition to caffeine, licorice extract, natural kojic acid and collagen to illuminate and treat the discoloration instantly, and with continued you will notice a significant change in the texture of your eye contour especially with the application of makeup.

3- Avoid soaps and chemicals when showering.

Girls rush to buy shower gels with strong fragrances- the effects of which usually do not last more than an hour after showering – perfumes and preservatives can cause dryness on the body’s skin. Hence, dermatologists always recommend using a cleanser free of soap, harsh chemicals, fragrances, and artificial colors such as Toya Natural Shower Gel, which preserves the skin’s natural oils for a good cleansing of the skin while leaving it soft and refreshed.

4- Moisturizing Everyday Means Smooth Skin All-day

Because softness is another definition of femininity, we won’t exaggerate if we describe moisturizing as the essential skin nourishment because its relationship is directly related to the skin’s thirst that we’ve mentioned above. When moisturizing appears, dehydration disappears, including better changes in the skin’s texture and appearance. The importance of moisturizers, especially those containing ingredients such as glycerin, is that they bind water to the outer skin layer, preserve skin moisture, and prevent water evaporation. That’s why you need to use Toya Moisturizing Cream daily with its lightweight/ non-greasy formula that contains coconut oil, shea butter, and glycerin for soft and protected skin all day long.

5-More water + fruits and vegetables

Your efforts to repair the external surface of the skin without considering what the skin needs from the inside will not guarantee you satisfactory results, as eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is not only beneficial to your health or weight loss; Its effect is clearly visible on your skin because they contain necessary antioxidants in fighting aging and wrinkles, protecting the skin from damage caused by harmful sunlight, and increasing the total content of water and fluids in your body, thus improving the freshness and health of the skin.

6-Flawless Makeup Tips Before The Wedding

Toya’s team contacted the bridal makeup artist Mona, who sent some crucial tips to the girls before the wedding to ensure an effective healthy skincare routine for stable makeup throughout the day:

If the bride needs a deep cleaning of the skin in beauty centers, it should be under the supervision of a dermatologist or authorized experts for no less than two weeks before the wedding.

Avoid any chemical products on the facial skin because they damage the skin cells and thus harm the appearance of the general makeup.

  • Apply sunscreen with a protection degree of at least SPF 50 before going outside.
  • Removing facial hair for no less than two days before the wedding day to not harm the look of the makeup.
  • Make sure you remove makeup effectively at night with Toya gentle cleanser infused with glycerin to moisturize while cleansing.

7-Avoid Harsh Scrubs and Home Recipes in Your Skin Cleansing Routine

There are hundreds of Facebook groups in addition to thousands of pages on social networking sites that spread tips and tactics for preparing a bride’s skin using natural home recipes. Unfortunately, these methods lead to sensitivity and problems in the skin, as they are indeed raw materials such as lemon, milk, and potatoes. Still, their direct contact with the skin may expose it to irritation and redness, thus discoloration and darkening. Because not every product from nature is safe for use. We should leave the identification of these elements to dermatologists who specialize in the formulation of natural products in measurable proportions to ensure their effectiveness on what you will wear every day for the rest of your life – your skin -. If you are interested to learn more about the most famous harmful home recipes, check out this article: 6 natural ingredients that you do not use in skin masks!

8-Start Your Skin Whitening Routine 3 Months Before The Wedding

Because whitening is a matter that concerns every bride, we advise you to follow a safe lightening routine before the wedding for no more than 3 months, and this routine must include some daily habits such as:

  • Wear cotton underwear and avoid polyester.
  • Change the pads every 3 hours.
  • Dry the sensitive area after showering or exposing it to any water.

And the routine will be completed by Toya Whitening Set to lighten the skin and sensitive areas, which combines extracts of essential oils and vitamins such as vitamin C and E, and natural acids such as kojic and lactic acid with collagen and caffeine to treat pigmentation and treat discoloration caused by friction, and this is due to the active ingredients that enter the skin’s inner layers while you’re asleep so that you can enjoy bright skin in record time, and if you do not have time, it is preferable to implement the routine with the laser sessions, whether for hair removal or whitening, to ensure that its results last for a longer time.

9-Folic acid before marriage

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) emphasizes the need to take 4,000 micrograms of folic acid daily for girls who are about to marry a month before conception and during the first three months of pregnancy to protect fetuses from congenital disabilities, and it is considered one of the safe acids recommended by doctors even without marriage. For its great benefits in repairing and treating skin problems and protecting it from external factors. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a doctor before the wedding for a medical check-up for no less than 6 months.

10-Skincare Should Include Footcare 

Unfortunately, some girls do not care about moisturizing the foot area. However, many men find soft feminine feet an indication of the beauty and cleanliness of women; this doesn’t mean that we seek validation from men – God forbid- but feet without dryness and cracks will give you an incredible, confident feeling, whether at home or outside when you wear open-toe shoes. Use Toya Foot Balm enriched with salicylic acid that acts as an effective exfoliator for the outer layer of the foot to remove dead cells and replace them with new ones. The beauty of this balm is that the result appears after the first application. Apply it before bed, wear cotton socks, rinse it off in the morning, and enjoy the feeling of softness! 

In the end, we strive for healthy, not perfect skin to build a healthy routine that starts in the twenties and continues with us for years. To ensure the success of a routine that is suitable for all skin types, you must avoid stress and pressures, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. As for products that touch, Our skin should be natural and free from harsh chemicals with gentle, dermatologically tested ingredients.

If you are interested in more detailed information about skin problems and their treatment, write to us on #ASKTOYA. And a team consisting of dermatologists accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Health will answer all your inquiries.

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