How many times have you asked yourself what’s wrong with my haircare routine? And you still don’t know the answer! Most girls follow a hair care routine seeking the perfect hair look, but what if all these efforts never bring out the desired results? This blog will let you know the reason behind the imperfections of your hair care routine and what to avoid to get the results you’re looking for.

10 mistakes that secretly damage your hair:

1- Directly applying shampoo to your scalp.

You might have seen models in TV ads applying shampoo directly from the bottle to their scalp, and if you’re doing like them, it will damage your hair and dry it out, leading to hair fall.

What to do instead? The right way to apply your shampoo is by mixing it with water before applying it on your scalp, as it’ll spread over your hair and wash off easily without product buildup.

2- Brushing extreme wet or dry hair.

What happens when you brush your wet hair?

Your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, especially when you decide to brush it during or right after the shower, as it’ll cause your hair to fall from roots and increase split ends. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should wait until your hair is totally dry, but the best time to brush your hair is after letting it dry with a microfiber towel for 5 minutes, then you can apply a detangling serum and brush it from the tip to root gently.

We recommend Toya hair serum with Argan oil if you’re looking for a perfect detangling hair serum.

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