We put only the very best natural ingredients into Toyanaturals. Curious to know more? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Of course! All of our products are authorized by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, and you will find the specification number on all packages.

Most of Toya’s product packaging is recyclable. We always try to choose eco-friendly packaging.

Yes. Though, Toya Hair Serum should be applied on top of the other products. Leave about 15 minutes between the application of each product to allow the absorption process.

We will never, ever test on animals. Instead, testing is conducted on Human volunteers according to science and ethics standards.

Products are tested for skin according to a strict group of consultant dermatologists.

Yes! We would love to chat about your skin/hair concerns. Just #Asktoya and one of our dermatologists and advisors will get back to you with the answer.

Each product has a label on it with the number of months of validity.

Most dermatologists recommend fragrance-free products to avoid irritation caused by fragrances. That’s why all of Toya’s products are free from fragrance.

Yes! Toya products are organic and chemical-free, making them the best for sensitive skin; however, we recommend testing before use.

Remember that you can ask us anything in #AskToya!