Hair Loss Reasons & Solutions

According to the American Academy for dermatologists, hair loss or shedding is not something to worry about until it exceeds the average of daily hair fall, which’s 50 to 100 hair per day.

Definitely, You can’t count the number of hairs you lose, but you can notice when you lose more than the usual amount you see every day. Hence you should stop and search for the reason for this loss and start treating it.  

What are hair thinning or loss causes?

1-  Stress:

It’s not a myth that severe stress causes hair loss because the stress hormone cortisol is linked to hair follicles’ function and pushes hair follicles into the resting phase of their cycle. This means that when cortisol levels are high, your hair weakens and begins to shed. 

The bright side here is that hair loss caused by stress doesn’t affect your follicles permanently, which means when you control this severe stress, your hair will grow back easily. 

Toya’s advice for you is to make yourself busy with something you love like reading or playing a sport to control stress.

2- Overuse of heat tools and styling:

The overuse of heat styling tools like hairdryers and straighteners can make your hair dry and more prone to breakage and, in the end, heat will lead to hair fall.

You don’t have to avoid heat totally; you can just choose a straightener with a temperature gauge to make it at a low temperature, and you can also protect it using a serum to protect your hair before the heat.

We recommend Toya hair serum to protect your hair before the heat and help you style it.

3- Hair dyes.

Dyeing your hair too often can damage your hair, as it causes the hair to lose its elasticity, especially if you bleach it, and it also can make thinning more obvious due to the chemicals it contains.

We recommend using a free-ammonia dye, as ammonia damages your hair due to increasing the pH of hair to 10,5 instead of 5,5. so if you want to dye your hair badly, try an ammonia-free dye.

4- Following an unhealthy diet:

A good diet can help in hair growth, so it’s not surprising that bad eating habits negatively affect your hair growth.

Restricting your calorie intake means not taking enough essential nutrients like protein, zinc & vitamins, but the good news is that you can solve the problem by just adopting a healthier diet.

Toya recommends eating food that contains Biotin and protein like eggs and eating food that contains vitamin A,B like berries and leafy vegetables like spinach & arugula.

After knowing the reason of your hair loss, you should avoid myths about hair thinning that you may have heard.

Here’re some of these myths:

1- Wearing a veil (hijab) or hat can cause hair to fall out.

Undoubtedly, your hair needs to breathe, and wearing a hat or hijab may affect that, but the oxygen your scalp needs for hair growth is delivered from the bloodstream, not the surrounding air, so you don’t have to worry about your hair length if you’re wearing hijab or prefer to cover your hair in winter.

2- Getting your haircut often will make your hair grow faster.

Cutting your hair has nothing to do with your hair length and thickness, so it’s not true that your hair will grow longer when you cut it. However, You can trim the split ends 3 or 4 times a year to make it look healthier. 

To avoid cutting your hair often, try to follow the next tips to save it from split ends.

Here are some tips to encourage hair growth:

1-  Clean your scalp gently.

If you’re looking for healthy and long hair, start with the source, your scalp. 

Wash your scalp with a gentle shampoo twice a week, and with gentle we mean a chemical-free shampoo like Toya sulphate-free shampoo with glycerin that cleans the scalp without causing dryness. 

While shampooing your hair, massage your scalp to release stress and increase blood flow to stimulate hair follicles.

2- Keep your hair moisturized.

It’s essential to keep your hair hydrated as your body, even if your hair is naturally oily you still need to hydrate it with conditioner and oil hair masks.

You can wash your hair twice a week with shampoo and follow it with a chemical-free conditioner for extra washes. 

Try Toya chemical-free conditioner for all hair types to moisturize your hair naturally after shampoo. 

A hair oil mask can do magic more than you think, we advise you to use Toya hair oil treatment that contains many essential oils for hair growth and hair moist like castor oil, olive oil, jojoba, almond, coconut & wheat germ oil.

Apply it 15 minutes before showering and see the magic.

3- Protect it from physical damage.

Protecting your hair from physical damage doesn’t mean it’ll encourage your hair growth, but it will protect the hair you have from splitting and looking unhealthy. You can protect it by taking a break from heat-styling tools as we said previously and not pulling it tight with ponytails and buns.

4- Stimulate hair growth.

According to a study based on survey responses, you can stimulate hair growth naturally by massaging your scalp to increase blood circulation to the scalp. You can also double the effect by applying Toya anti-hair loss lotion that contains bergamot oil, castor oil, ginger oil, shea butter, menthol, vitamin E.. and other ingredients that all help in stimulating your hair growth with an observed effect in just one month.

The takeaway:

If you’re experiencing hair loss, it’s not something to worry about you just need to keep in mind these two, stimulate hair growth and keep your hair healthy.

To notice the growth, your hair should grow healthy and moisturized by using suitable products for your hair as the previous tips.


If you find this article helpful, check for more tips and haircare products.

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