How to Take Care of your Hands & Feet in Winter

Following a skin care routine doesn’t mean just a routine for the face; Your body also needs a skin routine, especially when it comes to the most used and driest areas of your body: your hands and feet.

Although the sun isn’t as intense in winter as in summer, our hands can also get darker due to dryness & our feet are exposed to cracks if we don’t take care of them with the following tips. 

Toya’s handcare:


1- Wash your hands wisely:

-Don’t over-wash your hands:

Due to the coronavirus, we all over-used ethyl alcohol and wipes & we also over-washed our hands to protect our body from the virus, and any bacteria, which caused severe dryness, darkness, and other skin conditions with some cases.

Toya advises you not to over wash your hands daily and try not to use ethyl alcohol at your home.


-Wash your hands with lukewarm water:

Most of us use hot water in winter to warm our hands, which’s why our hands get drier in winter. So Toya’s advice to you is to wash your hands with lukewarm water to save your hands from severe dryness and irritations caused by hot water.


2- Moisturize your hands after washing.


Every time you wash your hands, don’t forget to moisturize them, especially when it’s damp, to help the moisture lock in your skin.

But how to choose the right moisturizer? The perfect moisturizer for dry skin should contain Shea butter, Glycerine, and Coconut oil.


Toya recommends Toya moisturizer that provides all these ingredients in one product, and it’s alcohol and perfume-free to protect your skin from irritations.

3- Take care of your nails.


Most people think they’re taking care of their nails when they apply nail polish or try not to gnaw them, but actually, our nails need more care as they’re drier than our skin, and it gets worse when we use hot water or wash the dishes which leave our nails brittle and get broken easily. Taking care of your nails is easier than you think; just apply your hand moisturizer on them after adding your favorite nail hardener and filing them in one direction.


Toya’s feet care routine.


Feet skin is one of the driest and thickest areas of the body, and it’s always exposed to water and dust, making it drier than the rest of your body.

With Toya’s foot care routine, you’ll find the result you’re always seeking.


Toya’s routine for smooth feet:


1- Exfoliate and remove the dead skin:


The first step in taking care of your feet is to exfoliate and remove the dead skin naturally by soaking them in lukewarm water with your favorite natural shower gel for 15 minutes. Then Scrub them with a pumice stone in a circular motion, and you’ll see your dead skin falling off.

Toya recommends Toya shower gel that is rich in glycerin and free from chemicals.


2- Use an effective foot balm.

Because our feet’ skin needs a stronger moisturizer, Toya made a foot balm that’s made of Salicylic acid, Lactic acid & panthenol. When you use it on a daily basis, the dead skin will fall off, and your skin will be moisturized and smooth.

Use it after washing your feet and during the day to reach the desired result.


3- Help the moisture to hold in:


-Help the moisture to hold in by wearing cotton socks after applying the foot balm to keep any dust from sticking to the cream, and try not to walk barefoot to protect your feet from cracks and dryness.


Having your hands and feet dry in winter is normal, and the secret to never having it again is following Toya’s routine for smooth hands and feet with these previous easy tips.

You can ask for help whenever you need it from Toya’s team of dermatologists, and they’ll answer all your queries concerning skin & hair conditions.

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