Natural Body Wash & Shower Gel

89,00 EGP

Soap, Fragrance & Colour Free Cleanser

Maintains Skin’s Natural Oils

Fit for sensitive skin

Enriched with glycerine to increase skin hydration

Toya Shower Gel is a soap-free cleanser infused with Glycerin made for every skin. You can use it every day to effectively cleanse your skin and leave it fresh & soft.

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Suitable for every skin.
Free from soap, harsh chemicals, artificial fragrance & colors.
Infused with Glycerin.
Supports Skin’s Natural Oils.

How It Works
Toya Natural Shower Gel will gently cleanse your skin without causing dryness because of its innovative formula enriched with moisturizers such as Glycerin and free from soaps and any other harsh chemicals.

How To Use
Use it daily while taking a bath. Apply the desired amount to wet skin and lightly massage. Rinse thoroughly with water, then follow with Toya moisturizer for best results.


  • Dermatologists always recommend using a cleanser that Maintains the Skin’s Natural Oils.
  • Always follow with moisturizers to lock your hydration.

Hero Elements

  • Glycerin
    Acts as a strong moisturizer.
    Allows the skin to maintain moisture.
    It relieves dryness and refreshes the skin’s texture.

											Natural Body Wash & Shower Gel

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Texapon- Betaine- Complan- Exidamine- Glycerin.


500 ML