Adjusting the timing of applying your routine can help keep your skin healthy and vibrant. Learn How!

Timing is Everything

Our skin is constantly affected by the way we apply different products, but did you know that it is also affected by the timing of application? The day’s changing conditions, including temperature, humidity, and hydration levels, can play an essential role in determining your skin’s healthy glow.

These changes and their impacts on your skin are known as the “body clock” or “biological clock” in order to find the right balance between our skin’s natural reaction towards its surroundings and the environment. In our lifestyle, we need to use skincare products at the right time to help fix and treat what was caused by harmful sunlight and wrong practices and enhance the process of repair and protection from external factors and pollutants.

How does our skin change over 24 hours?

Suppose we follow the journey of the skin in one day. In that case, we will find that its exposure to ultraviolet rays during the day leads to damage to the DNA of skin cells, which leads to wrinkles, signs of aging, and countless skin diseases. Moreover, the damage process continues for up to 3 hours after the exposure.

When is the right time to apply skincare products?

Among the miracles of the skin, it repairs itself naturally by producing the hormone (HGH), which helps replace dead skin cells with new ones, and usually, this process occurs at night; that’s why dermatologist experts stressed the importance of strengthening the skin by giving it a boost of nourishing and moisturizing necessary ingredients that help maintain youthful skin.

That’s the reason why some skin-whitening and lightening creams provide specific applying tips to maximize the effect, such as the one in Toya Whitening Cream for Sensitive Areas which advise you to apply the intensive treatment before bedtime to help induce collagen and cell turnover to fight discoloration and dark spots caused by shaving, hormones, and body-related changes, with the help of natural ingredients such as:

  • Summary of the benefits of natural oils such as almond oil.
  • Shea Butter.
  • Caffeine.
  • Glycerin.
  • Collagen.
  • Vitamin E and C.

And that, after studies have proven that some of the skincare products are more effective at night, especially when they contain the mentioned ingredients. Care doubles when you give the body enough hours of sleep at night, as the sleep hormone “melatonin” increases when you sleep, which supports the skin with a full range of benefits:

  • Helps treat skin diseases.
  • It acts as an anti-wrinkle and contributes to smooth skin.
  • Boosts collagen production and improves blood circulation.
  • Speed up wound healing.

What about your morning skincare routine?

  • Here are some tips for using your body clock changes to your advantage:
    -Your main goal should be protecting your skin with sunscreen in the morning.
    -Use a lotion that contains acidic ingredients before applying sunscreen, such as salicylic acid, to maintain your skin’s pH, which in turn controls oil production.

Always remember that such products do not just aim to lighten the outer skin color. Still, they provide your skin with important elements that you lost during the day because discoloration and dark spots are only a reflection of the health status of your skin. Adjusting your routine can help keep your skin healthy and vibrant.

If you are interested in more detailed information about skin-whitening products and ingredients, write to us on #ASKTOYA. Get packed full of skincare tips directly from certified dermatologists who will answer all your inquiries.


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